14 July 2010

Project: Bathroom Renovation Rescue

Going back a couple of months, I published a post 'Reaching a Milestone' about my Dad and my Aunt reaching their 80th birthdays.

We had a great day at home with 14 elderly friends and family members.
About a month before the day, I felt the bathroom needed to have a once over to make it a bit more presentable. After 14 years it was looking a bit tired. The Renovation Rescue was only subtle touches, but gosh it made a difference.

From the 'Before and After' picture above, you might think I haven't done much. To be honest, I didn't. A lick of paint, a few new bathroom fittings, some matching accessories and new towels to match, was all I did.

I chose Dulux ECRU in half strength to paint the walls, with gloss ANTIQUE WHITE for the window and door architraves, and the door. The colours matched perfectly with the existing tiles. The vanity just has some new door knobs.

You can see in the collage above, I changed the towel rails with a stainless steel one from Ikea. Other things from Ikea are, all the baskets (the white baskets on the bath and the small cane ones), the tissue box, the liquid soap dispenser and cup on the vanity (there is also a ceramic box from this set on the shelves), and lastly the white shelves.

The absolutely luxurious new towels are a dream. Both sets, the white and the taupe colour were on sale. Always looking for a bargain, especially around the end of the financial year. I actually didn't realise how worn my old ones were until I bought new ones!

I had only ever had 2 towel rails, so when the boys came to visit there was towels everywhere. I swear they are worse than girls. (Just to clarify, my 2 sons are in their 20's, with the youngest turning 25 this week, but I cannot believe how many clothes he has and how often he's in the bathroom!) Anyway, I digress. Getting back to the towels rails.

There is now a stainless steel towel rack, so towels can sit on the top (like in a hotel! mmm...nice) and it has 4 towel rails. To add to the extra rails, you can see in the collage there is now 2 knobs on the back of the bathroom door. It was always difficult to get the towels dry when we were all together.

Both of the boys have been for a visit since I did the reno, and it worked wonders. No towels lying over the bath, everything was neat and tidy. Yay!!!

The last change I haven't mentioned was the lighting. I always found the old incandescent lighting very 'yellow'. Hallogen bulbs have given the room a much clearer light and the light fitting is directional. So I have set the lights facing the bath, the mirror and the shower cubicle.

Costs: about $A450

I'm very happy with the result. When I can afford it, I need to look at replacing the vanity and shower cubicle/screen, and lastly the tapware. These would be the biggest expense.

If it's decided to do the FULL reno, the tiles and toilet would be changed also.

For the moment, this quick renovation rescue made a huge difference and looks great!
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