25 July 2010

Favourite Things - Week Three

I think I'm a little bit late with this entry, never mind.

Favourite Drink.....mmm!!! So many, it's hard to decide which way to go. I could talk about all the yummy alcoholic drinks I like to 'try' and possibly be labelled a 'lush'. Or I could go the safe way and mention a cold clear glass of thirst quenching water, which is always a good option anyway. Sparkling Water, Soda Water, Mineral Water, Still Water and so on. Who would have believed we'd have so many options for water.

But the winner would have to be TEA. Green Tea to be specific.

I've found at times it can be very refreshing and calming to the stomach. There is a couple of brands I buy quite regularly mainly as leaf tea. A good leaf green tea, I've been told, is one you can continue to top up all day.

Having said all that, I have to suggest something that is more of a favourite than green tea itself. Now I know it's not a 'favourite drink', but it is DEFINITELY more a favourite than green tea itself. It is made from green tea, though.

Guessed yet??


I found a beautiful creamy Green Tea Ice Cream in Japan and everytime we were in a new town, I would try to find the same chain of grocery store, just so I could buy a little tub of this Ice Cream!!

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  1. wow - that ice cream looks good! have you ever tried green tea pumpkin seeds? very good! I ate a bunch when I was in China.


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