26 June 2011

A thought for you...

"I don't have a nanny or a housekeeper, and I only have a cleaner for one hour each week. I finish work and go home. I cook the dinner. I run into Tesco and do the housework in the evening."

Victoria Beckham 

My son Brendon and I have just been texting each other about orange and vanilla pannacotta.

Who would've thought a lot of what the boys and I would talk about is food, recipes, and cooking techniques when they got to this age.

Both the boys have had 'housekeeping' in their blood from a young age. They had to, as both their Dad and I had to work. Their Dad would come home, I'd have dinner ready, and the boys ready in PJ's, then I'd be off to work. When they got older, they had to wash and wipe up, make their beds, keep their rooms tidy (they were pretty good at this..although you'd never look in the cupboards!!). Their Dad was a bit of a stickler for the clean room.

I still feel regret for their teenage years being in such upheaval, but, as someone for the family recently said to me, "Are they in jail, do they do drugs, are you forever bailing them out of trouble...!, I don't think you should worry about the boys T".

In fact, I'm extremely proud of my boys, that was just me having one of my downers I have every now and then.

Now my youngest is going to have a little boy himself before the end of the year! I know how he loves cooking and his barby, I can just imagine him in the kitchen with the little fella later on, and you can bet he'll be cooking at Gran's when he comes to visit!

19 June 2011

New Fabrics listed on Spoonflower...

A few new ideas now up on Spoonflower. I'll be arranging for some sample prints to test the colours over the next week for each of these designs.

The designs will be ready for sale when I've checked the colour matches. 

Recently listed on Made It...

Two new posters, in A3 and A4, recently listed on my Made It store


Remember this bag...I started it as soon as I heard the news of the new arrival! Once I had it finished, I new I had to make a matching nappy bag.

I've finished both now and they are ready to send off to the expectant parents this week, with a few other goodies, of course!

{Images Brendon Grove}

A thought for you...

"Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to the present."
Robert Conklin - Educator

2013 - New York, London, Paris....here we come

15 June 2011

9000 page views and counting...

Every time I check in on my blog, the page view count is higher and higher. And it seems to increase so quickly!

I remember not so long ago when the page count was 3000 and I thought how great it was to have people stop by. You can make some wonderful friends in this medium.

Here's a few of the blogs I enjoy stopping by for a few minutes, preferably with a cuppa:
  • Jane over at 'Life on Planet Baby' has a true heart of gold. Her musings are amusing - pardon the pun!
  • Katie from 'Autumn Blooming' has a gorgeous looking blog. I love her posts. Sorry Katie, I don't comment much these days, but I'm still here.
  • 'Ada and Darcy' for eye candy and style. Kellie has some unique wares on sale.
  • A Creative Mint - pure joy and colour. Leslie Shewring showcases her eye for detail and beauty in absolutely gorgeous photography

14 June 2011

Thea and Sami - a Studio visit....

How could I resist a visit to the new Thea and Sami studio and shop at Capalaba on Saturday.

The lovely Thea and I met earlier in the year at a trade show in Sydney where I stopped by to say hello, and I've followed her blog for about a year and a half now. 

Unfortunately the last couple of times I've been in Brisbane for work I haven't been able to find the time to visit. Now that she has her new studio up and running, I thought it an opportune time to stop in and say Hi.

The FABRIC SALE is now on to make way for more wonderful designs on the gorgeous linen Thea uses. Yes...I bought some!!! Stop in and see Thea and her range. She's a dynamo and you'll receive such a cherry welcome.

It looks like I may have lost some of the fabric I bought, as my son seems to think it would be perfect as the new look for his lounge. It does need to be recovered. Christmas present??? Probably, but I'll need to buy more fabric. A win for Thea!

 French Stripes

She also has a new design on the way. I feel very privileged to have seen it and give some feedback. Hope it helped Thea. Can't wait to see it printed!

I'm on my way...

How many of you are now singing 'I'm on my way...from misery to happiness...today'. Is it stuck in your head? Ahh the Proclaimers...and the 80's.

Actually, I'm on my way home to Sydney after a week in Toowoomba for work and a few days in and around Brisbane with family.

The Queen's Birthday long weekend is always a special time for me as it's my birthday weekend, usually. Yep, I get to be 'queen' for a few days. How good is that??!

When I arrived in Toowoomba, my son Brendon, his girlfriend Sarah, her family (Mum Chrissy, Dad Geoff and Grandma Jean) and I went to the Chocolate Cottage for lunch - New England Highway, Highfields. We had a wonderful afternoon, just chatting and laughing, reminiscing and sipping wine. Then we got to SHOP.

I can't believe what I came across...'The Quilters Angel'. I died and went to heaven! Luckily for me I died here and there was an angel around.

Now, I'm more a fabric fanatic, not a patchwork kinda girl, and the recent releases of fabric designs here were inspiring for a myriad of projects floating around in my head. High on that list of projects is the comforter set for my new grandson arriving in October.

Yes, that's right, it's going to be a boy! 

I've been searching high and low for some fabric samples to send to the parents-to-be, endeavouring to incorporate the style mum was aiming for in the nursery. The samples I accumulated prior to finding my ANGEL, fit in with the style she is wanting to create, a calming neutral palette, but the fabric quality just doesn't cut it in my mind.

That was UNTIL, the Quilter's Angel...I found a complimentary story that is PERFECT and the fabric quality is superb. Now all that's left to do is, send them in the mail along with the bags I made - 'Baby bags...made with love' post will feature the two bags handmade for the new arrival. See one of them here... When I'm able to photograph the fabric samples I'll give you a sneak peak.

PS I couldn't resist 'Lilac and Lily', so I bought the pattern and will feature them soon.

Lilac and Lily from The Quilter's Angel
by Calico Farm Designs

Cute huh!!!

Featuring...Ruby Olive

I'm back after about a month of losing my inspiration...What have I been doing, you ask? Well...work basically. It's been a bit full on for various reasons. (I haven't just been working, I've been creating and sewing...more on this in later posts)

In between work and traveling, I met a very lovely lady and talented jewellery/accessory designer, Skye Anderton, at some markets in Brisbane. She has such passion behind her truly stunning wares.

Skye's business is Ruby Olive. Here's her BIO from her website...


Skye Anderton is the founder and owner of RUBY OLIVE Jewellery and Accessories.  Skye has been involved with Jewellery and Fashion Accessory design and development for over 12 years. For the last 8 years she was based in London and in 2010 she moved back to Australia and Ruby Olive was born.

Ruby Olive LOVES...
• Bold statement pieces that are unassuming
• Colour, texture and distinctive designs
• Exploring the known and relatively unknown cultures and destinations of the world 
• Finding inspiration and stories from the places we visit and the people we meet
• Being excited by the wide world outside our own window
• Taking pleasure in the beauty of things found right in front of our eyes
• Using sustainable raw materials and producing products that have an ethical conscience

Ruby Olive is the namesake of Skye's adorable grandmother. This journey has been dedicated to her.

Skye is looking to spread her wings now that she's back in Australia, so if you know of anybody who has an eye for beautiful things and would be interested in stocking her gorgeous jewellery, please ask them to check out her website www.rubyolive.com.au or contact skye(at)rubyolive.com.au

Here's my purchase, I just love it. Looks fantastic against my black polo-neck dress!!


Go and check it out..Her new range is 'Sicilian Seaside Collection'.

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