31 October 2010

She's arrived!!!

Beautiful baby Amelia Rose arrived on October 11, safe and sound. I wrote about her pending arrival and the presents I'd made for her in 'Baby Love'.

Just look at her, she's adorable!

24 October 2010

Can anybody help? Configure posts

Anybody please, I need some help!

I've tried to configure my posts to include the 'social network sharing' buttons at the end of each post. I've done everything blogger says but it still doesn't show on designed to a T posts.

I even tried on jane on jane st, 'cos it's a newer version of blogger, still no luck.

17 October 2010

About me and 'jane on jane st'

Full bio for 'jane on jane st' finally finished - now on About Me.

Sew on and sew on

In my post 'Over at Whiteport' I was talking about going over to the Etsy 'Keep Calm Shop' with the idea of purchasing one for the house.

At the time, I was trying to decide between the 'Cook On' and the 'Sew On' poster. As the completion of transforming my work area is fast approaching, I thought the 'Sew On' would be the obvious choice for my purchase.

Then I had a long hard think about it and came up with these using Illustrator. As a self taught Illustrator user, I need to keep playing with the program so I don't lose what I've already taught myself.


 {Please note: These are not for sale and are for my personal use. The font is different to the originals and in no way am I intending to use these designs for sale I have also used my own artworks and readily available free clipart for the images.}

It's hard to decide which one, so I'm going to frame all of them. They are printed on A4 gloss paper (not photo paper), but I can print them in smaller versions if I need.

When I have them framed and mounted in the work room (which is nearly finished) I'll post some photos.

16 October 2010

Funky Car test pattern

Something else I've been working on, 'Funky Car'. Just not sure what colours to do it in.

Testing, testing - Starburst pattern

Been playing with this pattern for a while...what do you think?

I still have some refining to do, i.e. lining up the design on a grid properly. Like I said, only playing at the moment.

I've called it 'Starburst'.

14 October 2010

brendongrovelive.com updated

For those of you who haven't noticed, I am the very proud Mum of Brendon and Darren. They been mentioned heeaaaps of times on my blog.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you Brissy people know that Brendon (#1 son and photographer) has recently updated his website with new images from weddings and travels he has recently undertaken.

Brendon lives and works in Brisbane and is avaliable for 'hire'. There's a link to his website in the sidebar, also.


Kellie Christie - Button Jewellery

If you haven't heard of Brissy girl, Kellie Christie, then pop over to have a look at her blog and etsy store.

My 'Made in Japan' necklace arrived yesterday and, of course I couldn't resist, I had to wear it today.

{Picture credits here}

Click on the picture to see more of what it looks like. Just gorgeous!

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week comes by way of a Guest Post on Being Tazim this weekend.

Visit my posts on Saturday & Sunday. It covers a few of the things I've made to decorate my family holiday house. A lot of the items have DIY project instructions here on my blog. Or you can email me if you want more info.

There's even some photos of the outside of the house, with the National Park in the background (right at our back door, beautiful!). And the beach is 5 minutes away.

Bit of a teaser, the exterior colours are grey, lime green and dark purple, (all Dulux colours).

I love it, and it's easy to identify. When people ask 'Which house?', I just have to answer, 'The one with the green garage!'

Visit more Creative Spaces over here at Kootoyoo!

10 October 2010

Trying out a new print

I'm thinking this will be great for cushions because I can do a panel of one print or a repeat.
Maybe print it in a lovely dusty pink on white and trim it with the fabric below, from 'I just love that Fabric'. It could potentially be a Christmas present for my niece, who just happens to be in love with pink!
What do you think?

09 October 2010

Marketing ideas??

Just trying a few marketing ideas for when I finally get all my soldiers in a row for 'jane on jane st'.

Possible idea for product tags??

I'm going to use designed to a T to test prints and products and 'jane on jane st' will eventually be the 'shop'.

Still a way to go. Working full time and travelling sort of takes up a lot of spare time. Especially when I travel. At least while I'm away for work I can play with designs and ideas on my laptop.

{No reflection or taking away from the wonderful Alarna Zinn of Little Jane Street. My products
will in no way be the same or in competition with her fantastic range of boutique stationery.
The name 'jane on jane st' came from a line of dialogue in the 'Madmen' television series}

My Creative Space - Home Decor Event Guest Post

Great news. I received an email from Being Tazim about a month ago asking me to do a guest post in her 'Home Decor & Interior Design Event 2010'.

I was really flattered and also saw that Kylie from My Flying Ducks had been asked to feature her Home Tour.

My guest post will be over 2 days and features some of my hand made creations in my family holiday home. So look out for my 'Creating Home Tour' on October 16 & 17. There are a few extras that aren't already featured on my blog, including some pics on what the house looks like from the outside.

The button is a link to the schedule and Kylie's posts will be featured over quite a few days, October 18 - 22.

Being Tazim will also have stacks of giveaways over the 2 week event, so good luck if you are entering. All it needs is a comment on the posts!!

I've won my first blogging Giveaway

Can you believe it?? I can't!!

I've won the giveaway over at 'It's all about the Fabric' where Emma was giving away the whole collection of 22 fat quarters...the full collection of Anna Maria Horner's 'Innocent Crush' fabric story.

Thanks Emma.

04 October 2010

More 'Have you seen' from Etsy

Have you seen...Deanna Maree from Newcastle on Etsy.

  Photo credits here.

Have you seen...

Tessitura Elica on Etsy - jewelry and home decor created with a unique wire crochet technique.

Photo credits here

Over at 'Whiteport'

A Public Holiday here today...Ahhh!

A bit of time up my sleeve to check out a few places I've been meaning to visit for a while.

Over a Whiteport they have these fabulous white ceramic drum stools...love it. Oh and look what else...from the 'Keep Calm' people...'Keep Calm and Carry On'! Visit their Etsy store here.

I'm thinking of getting the 'Cooking' one for the kitchen OR maybe the 'Sewing' one for my work room. Yes, I think I'll get the 'Sewing' one, in blue.

03 October 2010

Giveaway over at 'It's all about the Fabric'!!

Emma over at 'It's all about the Fabric' has a giveway going at the moment to celebrate her 3000th pageview...and the blog has only been around since August...WOW!

Anyway, she wants you to Follow, Blog and Tweet about the giveaway, which will give you 3 entries.

The PRIZE.....22 fat quarters...the full collection of Anna Maria Horner's 'Innocent Crush' fabric story.

Get on over and enter, I have!
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