About me

Terese Grove is 'designed to a T' and 'jane on jane st'.

Mum or Mumsy to Brendon and Darren. Mema to beautiful grandson, Archie born 26 October 2011. Terese, or T, to Brendon and Darren's lovely girlfriends and everyone else. No formalities here!

I live in Sydney, Australia and work in the finance industry as a facilitator in the training area of a large financial institution.

In my other ‘universe’ I indulge in design and colour, anything to do with creativity. I love to make things, decorate (especially with the things I’ve made), cook, sew, paint, read and listen to music. My external studies have included the following:
  • Certicate IV in Colour and Design
  • Diploma in Visual Arts - Surface Design
  • Diploma in Visual Arts - Colour Design
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

I'm a bit of a traveller, although haven't spent much time overseas. My job includes trips within Australia (paid for by the company) at minimal cost to me, fantastic!!!

My favourite place is the beach, although I don’t get there often enough.

Beachcombing is also a favourite pastime. For inspiration, you can’t go past the perfection of mother nature, and the colours she provides.

I hope you enjoy my blogs.

designed to a T is a registered business name in NSW Australia - ABN 71 349 404 525
jane on jane st is a registered business name in NSW Australia - ABN 71 349 404 525
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