14 October 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week comes by way of a Guest Post on Being Tazim this weekend.

Visit my posts on Saturday & Sunday. It covers a few of the things I've made to decorate my family holiday house. A lot of the items have DIY project instructions here on my blog. Or you can email me if you want more info.

There's even some photos of the outside of the house, with the National Park in the background (right at our back door, beautiful!). And the beach is 5 minutes away.

Bit of a teaser, the exterior colours are grey, lime green and dark purple, (all Dulux colours).

I love it, and it's easy to identify. When people ask 'Which house?', I just have to answer, 'The one with the green garage!'

Visit more Creative Spaces over here at Kootoyoo!
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