24 October 2010

Can anybody help? Configure posts

Anybody please, I need some help!

I've tried to configure my posts to include the 'social network sharing' buttons at the end of each post. I've done everything blogger says but it still doesn't show on designed to a T posts.

I even tried on jane on jane st, 'cos it's a newer version of blogger, still no luck.


  1. With that thing ticked the little icon bar {with all the networking buttons} should show up under there in the arrange items area and you drag it where you want it... Maybe it is not showing up because it's in a section that doesn't show on your template. Perhaps? Move it around and see.

    If not google the exact problem you are having and there will usually be a problem feed that you can leave a comment on with your blog and the issue and the blogger people will correct what is usually a coding problem.

  2. I have no idea but Jane at Life on Planet Baby is a whizz and I have emailed her before. She is very generous with her help. You can get to her via my blog.


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