17 October 2010

Sew on and sew on

In my post 'Over at Whiteport' I was talking about going over to the Etsy 'Keep Calm Shop' with the idea of purchasing one for the house.

At the time, I was trying to decide between the 'Cook On' and the 'Sew On' poster. As the completion of transforming my work area is fast approaching, I thought the 'Sew On' would be the obvious choice for my purchase.

Then I had a long hard think about it and came up with these using Illustrator. As a self taught Illustrator user, I need to keep playing with the program so I don't lose what I've already taught myself.


 {Please note: These are not for sale and are for my personal use. The font is different to the originals and in no way am I intending to use these designs for sale I have also used my own artworks and readily available free clipart for the images.}

It's hard to decide which one, so I'm going to frame all of them. They are printed on A4 gloss paper (not photo paper), but I can print them in smaller versions if I need.

When I have them framed and mounted in the work room (which is nearly finished) I'll post some photos.
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