14 June 2011

I'm on my way...

How many of you are now singing 'I'm on my way...from misery to happiness...today'. Is it stuck in your head? Ahh the Proclaimers...and the 80's.

Actually, I'm on my way home to Sydney after a week in Toowoomba for work and a few days in and around Brisbane with family.

The Queen's Birthday long weekend is always a special time for me as it's my birthday weekend, usually. Yep, I get to be 'queen' for a few days. How good is that??!

When I arrived in Toowoomba, my son Brendon, his girlfriend Sarah, her family (Mum Chrissy, Dad Geoff and Grandma Jean) and I went to the Chocolate Cottage for lunch - New England Highway, Highfields. We had a wonderful afternoon, just chatting and laughing, reminiscing and sipping wine. Then we got to SHOP.

I can't believe what I came across...'The Quilters Angel'. I died and went to heaven! Luckily for me I died here and there was an angel around.

Now, I'm more a fabric fanatic, not a patchwork kinda girl, and the recent releases of fabric designs here were inspiring for a myriad of projects floating around in my head. High on that list of projects is the comforter set for my new grandson arriving in October.

Yes, that's right, it's going to be a boy! 

I've been searching high and low for some fabric samples to send to the parents-to-be, endeavouring to incorporate the style mum was aiming for in the nursery. The samples I accumulated prior to finding my ANGEL, fit in with the style she is wanting to create, a calming neutral palette, but the fabric quality just doesn't cut it in my mind.

That was UNTIL, the Quilter's Angel...I found a complimentary story that is PERFECT and the fabric quality is superb. Now all that's left to do is, send them in the mail along with the bags I made - 'Baby bags...made with love' post will feature the two bags handmade for the new arrival. See one of them here... When I'm able to photograph the fabric samples I'll give you a sneak peak.

PS I couldn't resist 'Lilac and Lily', so I bought the pattern and will feature them soon.

Lilac and Lily from The Quilter's Angel
by Calico Farm Designs

Cute huh!!!
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