14 June 2011

Thea and Sami - a Studio visit....

How could I resist a visit to the new Thea and Sami studio and shop at Capalaba on Saturday.

The lovely Thea and I met earlier in the year at a trade show in Sydney where I stopped by to say hello, and I've followed her blog for about a year and a half now. 

Unfortunately the last couple of times I've been in Brisbane for work I haven't been able to find the time to visit. Now that she has her new studio up and running, I thought it an opportune time to stop in and say Hi.

The FABRIC SALE is now on to make way for more wonderful designs on the gorgeous linen Thea uses. Yes...I bought some!!! Stop in and see Thea and her range. She's a dynamo and you'll receive such a cherry welcome.

It looks like I may have lost some of the fabric I bought, as my son seems to think it would be perfect as the new look for his lounge. It does need to be recovered. Christmas present??? Probably, but I'll need to buy more fabric. A win for Thea!

 French Stripes

She also has a new design on the way. I feel very privileged to have seen it and give some feedback. Hope it helped Thea. Can't wait to see it printed!

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  1. Lol, you're certainly catching up with the blogging today. It was a wonderful surprise seeing you on Saturday. You can come back anytime :)


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