30 April 2011

My Creative Space - A gift for the Mum of baby #3

In my last couple of Creative Space posts (here and here), I've been hinting there was some other baby news that was close to home.

About 3 weeks ago my youngest son and his girlfriend announced they had just had a 12 week scan. The baby is due in October.

So I am going to be a grandmother for the first time! Can you believe that?

What does any 'expectant' grandmother do on hearing this news....you guessed it....GO SHOPPING! 

One of the things they spoke about was fabric and colours for the baby's nursery, as they've asked me to make a comforter set. Off I went to Spotlight and picked up some samples to send off in the mail to Mt Isa, for them to have a look at. 

While I was there I found some gorgeous fabric to make the baby bag below. Not really a nappy bag, but one that has a few inside and outside pockets for the essentials needed on a quick trip to the shops.

The palette for the nursery will be fairly neutral. They've sent me a couple of links to get an idea of what decor they were thinking of, so I can co-ordinate a comforter set to match.

OMG....there is some simply stunning nurseries around. I had a further look myself and fell in love with the following. There wasn't anything like this around 25-30 years ago when my two boys were born!!

{Google images}
Not sure how many of you lovely followers have baby centric blogs, but if you do, please leave a comment below and I'll head over for a look to get ideas, or if you have online stores, even better.

No doubt there will be more baby news as the year progresses.


  1. Congrats Granny T! Wow, it is really weird to say that!

    Pass on my congrats to Darren and Nat. And tell Darren that I'm sure his kid will be an awesome little 'wakeed' (I'm not sure if I spelt it right, but he'll now what I mean).

  2. Oh i love these bedrooms & the sewing you're going to spoil that new grandchild with, oh, just take all those new modern stylish decor dreams & use them on the next generation!! Congratulations, what are you going to call yourself, you're so young??!! Super happy Mother's Day to you. Love Posie


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