03 April 2011

Creative Collective March Project - Green or Green

Well I'd love to say I've been very environmentally friendly with this project, and recycled something for the challenge.
To be honest, I recycle all my household rubbish, but haven't done much in the way of actually recycling materials OR up cycling them for projects. This is a challenge for me. Storage is minimal at home and so is work area, hence a lot of my small project magic happens on the computer and printer, or my sewing machine, and on occasions when I'm at the family holiday house I get stuck into the BIG projects (like my ottoman, which I am yet to complete the instructional post for!!)

Where am I heading with this...whilst I would love to be able to scout more op shops, vintage shops etc etc, I have to focus on where I am going with this blog and 'the business'. There will be time for all the other stuff when I get past thinking I have to do ALL the projects rattling around in my head. Not all of them fit in with where I'm heading...

So to get at least ONE of these projects out of my head, I decided it fitted fairly well into the criteria for this month over at The Creative Collective.

Behold my new Sling bags, in my own fabric design.
My level of satisfaction went through the roof when I finished them, I'm so happy with the fabric design. I'd have to say my favourite one is the one on the left, the one with the circle fabric on top and the complimentary stripe on the bottom.

My fabric designs have been uploaded to Spoonflower, and they print them on natural fibres with eco-friendly inks.

That's one part of the 'green' criteria for this project!

The other is...the design has an olive green background colour.

The fabric is part of the 'Circle Circle' collection, with a complimentary stripe. There are about 25 of my designs up on Spoonflower at the moment, some of them are the same but in another colour way. I still have about another 10 coming, again the same or similar designs in different colourways, or as part of a collection.

I took my favourite one to work on Friday as we were having a team day, and a couple of the girls mentioned they wouldn't mind one, then one of them thought they'd be great for Christmas presents. 

Next step, try a couple of different colourways, and make a few more bags. I have a quick job to do first, some bunting as a gift for a new baby girl. This will be in another of my collections 'Pink Diamonds'...some samples are over here on 'jane on jane st', my other blog.

I'm off now to start the bunting and to post about a little trip I took today to Berrima and Mittagong. I have some goodies to show you from the trip and I'll post about the bunting when it's done too!

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. They look fantastic, great work! My sister just made the comment of "but if you had such pretty pillow cases would you want to cut them up?" But I think this way you get to show them off more. ;)


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