03 April 2011

Pink and Orange

When faced with such beautiful colours how could anyone go past these roses.

My patience is paying off with taking photos on my good ol' Fuji camera, and with a few new hints and tips from a photography 'guru', Leslie Shewring, my point and shoot hasn't done a bad job.

What do you think?

Not a bad attempt at arranging the roses either, if I do say so myself... The colours came out quite well also, so I haven't touched them up much at all. 
  1. I'm comfortable using the macro on my camera, as it's quite easy to use and beeps when the photo is focused at a good focal length
  2. Tried to show an overall view here without showing too much of my daggy kitchen table
  3. Still close up with the macro feature, but pulled back a bit to show some more colour. I don't have the feature of F stops to enable focusing on an object and having the background appear out of focus
  4. Focused on the orchid in the background, a bit of the front appears out of focus - getting there
  5. Another overall view 


  1. Those roses are to die for!! Such a beautiful colour combination. Are they from your garden?
    And well done with the photography! These would look stunning on canvas.

  2. Oh, bravo, Terese, for putting Leslie's tips into action. I'm yet to do that. Pure prettiness. J x

  3. Leslie will be proud. These are really pretty. I especially love the one in the center. You really coaxed some loveliness out of your point and shoot.


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