27 April 2011

Wedding Week...

It might be a bit late to start this, and I'm not sure how many of you are keenly following all the pomp and circumstance of the royal wedding.

Any excuse to drool over some internet wedding images or maybe re-live your own wedding, don't you think?

A few of you have recently posted about anniversaries, so it got me to thinking that maybe there's some very fond memories out there to share, if you are happy to.

Katie from Autumn Blooming has recently celebrated an anniversary as did Letitia from The White Shed. Kylie from My Flying Ducks was another one this month, a full year since her wedding.

For me, it will be a 'wish list' in a way, if I could do it all over again. IF in a very big way as I've been divorced for quite a while now, but you can still dream. 

I've been a sewer/dressmaker since I was in my early teens and have made a few wedding dresses in my day but I have to say...to see what is around these days, I would find it very hard to decide what to have for my dress.

To start us off I'm going to give you a few glimpses into my style.

Join in anytime between now and Friday night and add your link below. You can do anything you like, a post about the royal wedding, a post with just pictures, maybe a recap of your wedding or anniversary...whatever.

Let's have some fun! Remember to link your post back here. I'd love you all to join in...

 This is my favourite I think. I'd need to lose a bit of weight for it to look any good though. I'll have to add losing weight to my 'wish list' for this one. I'd wear this if I was having a wedding in the Botanical Gardens.

 Lovely vintage lace in this one. 

Love the classic look of this one. With those sleeves and the tulle 
under the skirt, it marries current and vintage styles. (Parden the pun!) 
Either of these would be my church wedding dress.

 SO classic. Love it. I'd wear this one if I was having a garden party wedding.

Had to put this one in! 
This is my OTT (over the top) dress, although you know, I still don't mind it. It's not really me, and it's just something that took my eye while searching for images. I think it would better in a very pale pink.


  1. Oh wow, i love weddings, i'm looking forward to the Royal one on Friday & not listening to any of the colour/ style/ flowers/ train guesses, i want to be surprised. Love Posie

  2. LOVE that 'garden party wedding' dress! Love your blog, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

  3. Thank you Miss Walker. I wanted to send you an email of thanks but couldn't find one. Thanks again, nice to have you following...T


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