10 April 2011

Brendon Grove Blog

I'm sure you are all aware by now that my eldest son, Brendon is a photographer. Well, he's taken the plunge and is now a blogger.

Brendon's first few posts are up now. The most recent being his trip to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago. You can link into his Travel website to take a look too if you like.

He's also showcasing one of his best friends, Tass Greenwood.

Tass is a musician. The two of them have collaborated with an idea for music to compliment the screen play Brendon has been working on for a little while. All still a work in progress. Including the music, but I had a chance today to listen to the piece Tass wrote for it. He has 'read' exactly what Brendon is after and it will fit in so well with the film.

When I have more news on the film's progress I'll give you some teasers. There is still location and production to finalize and some dialogue he's not quite happy with.

This is what he is aiming for :)

They are also in training for a trip to Nepal planned for sometime next year I think. They'll need to be fit as they will be trekking, and then there's the visit to Mt Everest. This is all still in planning stages also, but the training is going well.

Brendon's portfolio is growing considerably now, with music photography through one of the music publications in Brisbane, his wedding photography and of course his own travels. The website will eventually cover his film work which is something he is striving towards.

If you are after any work in the Brisbane area, please contact him through his email address, he's only too willing to talk to you about your ideas.

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