05 July 2010

Florence Fanatic

I think the verdict is in.

I AM A FLORENCE BROADHURST FANATIC!!! Yep...that's right..a definite fanatic!

Confirmation... a little thing like 6 degrees of separation as part of my fanaticism. Actually I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but there is a connection.

1. Florence comes from Mt Perry in QLD and went to music lessons in Bundaberg. Mt Perry is about an hour or so north of Bundaberg.

My home town is Bundaberg.

2. Florence was a designer with a screenprinting business.

My first job during school was at a screen printer. I later went on to work for another in about 1986/7.

3. Florence's business premises was in 12-24 Roylston St Paddington.

One of my old customer's business premises was 13 Roylston St Paddington.

4. Akira Isogawa used Florence Broadhurst designs in some of his first collections.

One of my old customers printed fabrics for Akira Isogawa (drawing a long bow here, I know!!)

Ok, so it's not 6...close enough I think!

This is my loungeroom featuring the Ottoman and some cushions, all in Florence Broadhurst fabrics. The 'Canvas Art' from a previous blog is on the wall.

Ottoman in Florence Broadhurst fabrics 'Bamboo' and 'Circles and Squares' both in Lime. Cushions are in 'Fingers', in a red colour way specially printed for a client, the lime green 'Bamboo' left over from the Ottoman and a brown 'Japanese Floral'. Everything is done from offcuts purchased at the Signature Prints 'Pop Up' store sales.

Another version of 'Cranes' below. Here I have covered the fronts of an Ikea set of drawers. This is another DIY project. I bought this piece back in 2007 when I was doing my Certificate IV in Colour & Design. We had to do a project from a few different eras. Everyone else had taken Art Deco, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, Georgian. The usual. I chose to do the project on Florence as she spanned a couple of eras and included influences from a lot of them in her designs.

Japanese Floral

Horses Stampede



Coming back to my sewing background. I love this and would give anything to find a reasonably priced manequin and cover it myself.

One of my many visits to Signature Prints in Sydney. This was an excursion for my Certificate IV class to Signature Prints.

Rows and rows of orginial and refurbished screens. The guy who does the renovations of the screens is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. To watch him work is an experience.

Machine printing left of picture and the hand printing tables on the right. More rows of screens, hundreds and hundreds.

Another hand printing table and more rows of screens. Signature Prints release new designs every now and then.

My Florence Broadhurst project from 2007. There is another 2 pages to this. These were the technical specs of the techniques, some history and background of Florence and current uses of her designs - fabrics, handbags, Designer Rugs, soft furnishings etc.


  1. Me too, I love her prints. I have read 3 books about her and own the documentary on her nutty life.
    She is amazing and such a crazy eccentric. Love your DIY jobs. Nice work.

  2. Hi Diana..Thanks for your comments and visiting my blog. I do have a bit of a helping hand with the big jobs.

    Love your blog...Follow you quite regularly....Terese

  3. Hi Terese,
    Nice to find another 'fanatic'! Yes, I do have quite the obsession with her designs. I'm so proud she is an Australian and we have such a breadth of work to draw from. Love the lime Circles & Squares, I haven't seen it in the Lime colourway before.


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