13 July 2010

Favourite Things - Week Two

Week two is here already for 'The Favourite Things Project' from Being Tazim.

What's your favourite Mode of Communication.

I love letters and cards with special sentiments.

Electronic correspondence has taken the place of these old standards.

I'd much rather have a personally chosen card than one of those animations or a smiley face bouncing all over my computer screen wishing me a Happy Birthday, or Mother's Day.

Probably comes from my stationery fetish. I have a huge collection of stationery sets, hand made cards, book marks and notepads.


  1. I have a huge stationary obsession as well! :) I started an online store selling handmade paper goods like letter sets and greeting cards because I LOVE to send them to people! :) I would much rather get a real card or letter than email or a text!

    Thank you so much for your post this week! :) Hope to see you again with the project.

  2. Oh I so agree...a card or letter any day, something about the hand written and don't get me started on stationary.....it is addictive, cheers Katherine. Ps I have just become a follower and hope we can get to know each other even if it's not as elegant as writing letters...haha

  3. How funny, I've just started following yours via My Flying Ducks. I've know Kylie since her High School days.

    Thanks Katherine


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