04 July 2010

The Favourite Things Project

I'm really new to blogging, having only started in January this year. My blog is 'trying' to be mainly about DIY projects and Design finds, hints and tips. I love making things, especially if it's making things I can use to decorate my place.

Time hasn't been my friend so far this year, so I have about 4 posts in draft just waiting to be completed. With so many other projects going through my head, sometimes I can't sleep!!!

I thought I'd start blogging as a way to be (more) creative. Kylie from
My Flying Ducks was the inspiration. I've known her since she was about 17.

I say MORE creative, because my 'real day job' is NOT part of the creative community.

Eventhough I love my job as a Facilitator, the passion to create doesn't lay dormant, it keeps working away in the background. My first love is sewing. Mum taught me when I was about 10 years old I think.

Anyway, to get to the point, I follow My Flying Ducks quite regularly. She finds some amazing things through this 'time vampire' we call the Internet.

Her most recent foray is to participate in 'The Favourite Things Project'. I liked the look of it, so I'm going to give it a go.

Might not be able to participate each week, who knows!!

Tazim from
Being Tazim has asked for the first week of the project, depict things you love about your country or city.

I am a very patriotic Aussie, and am extremely proud of our boys and girls fighting or representing us anywhere in the name of Australia.

So my visual project is all about our Defence Forces and our iconic 'Rising Sun' emblem.

Let's get them home soon.


  1. Very happy you're joining in! And 'time vampire' is right about the internet - my husband will attest to that!

  2. Hi Terese - I know what you mean about your day job not being creative. I am a student and started my blog and this project to get more creative! It is so nice to meet you and have you join us with the project! I love your patriotic Aussie post! :)

  3. Thanks Tazim for your comment and welcome. I really must try to get around to a few of the other design blogs you have listed. Eventually I will get out of the finance industry and into the design biz. Watch this space! LOL!

    Happy blogging...

  4. Hi Terese! Thanks for visiting my lil' ol' blog! I love your theme for this week's project, the photos and patriotism are fantastic. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting Sami...I read your interests on your profile...we have a lot in common.


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