31 July 2010

Favourite Things - Week Four

The Favourite Things Project from Being Tazim has us thinking about shoes we love.

I have many, and I do mean many.

Unlike one of the girls I work with who has a whole wardrobe just for her shoes, only the bottom of my cupboard is full. Under my bed I have 2 stacking boxes, also full, and the ones I can't fit in either place, just stay on the floor until I can't get over the pile anymore.

At the moment I have 2 favourites. My little flatties decorated with sequins and beads, and my 'coastal' slippers.

I've had these forever and wear them with everything and everywhere.
My second pair of favourites is these slippers I bought when I was last in Bundaberg. There is a beautiful homewares store at Bargara, 'Homeleigh House'. I just happened to be driving by one afternoon on my way to visit family and it took my eye. So I stopped in and an hour later left with some lovely purchases including these cuties.


  1. Fab shoes. I'm so glad you did the course with Shivaun. Isn't she fabulous. I'm glad you had a good time. I'll stay tuned for your printing adventures. Di

  2. lovely flats! Those sequinned shoes. I guess it's warm enough where you are to wear them often!


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