02 July 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

Every few years or so, I get to be 'Queen' for a day!!! Luckily for me, my birthday sometimes falls on the Queen's Birthday weekend, hence 'Queen' for a day.

Well I like to think so anyway.....

This year both my sons, Brendon and Darren, made it to Sydney for my birthday weekend. We only see each other every now and then. Brendon lives in Brisbane and Darren is in Mt Isa.

The last time the 3 of us were together, was our trip to Japan in September 2008. So it's been a while.

We had a great weekend and went to a fantastic restaurant for lunch on the Saturday. If you are in Sydney, try 'The Sugaroom' on Harris Street Pyrmont. It's right on the water of Johnson Bay (the next one around from Star City Casino)....Lovely.

I've mentioned in an earlier post, how much I love books and a website,

The other great thing about having a birthday close to the 'EOFYS' (End of Financial Year Sales) is I can great books at really cheap prices. So this year was a book birthday.

Brendon and Sarah gave me 'Interiors Now'. Full of colour plates of Interiors from all over the world. A wonderful way to indulge and dream, on a cold winter day.

Russian Textiles is such a beautiful book. I left a magazine cutout around for possibly 2 years. A pretty blatant hint....you'd think so wouldn't you.

No it wasn't, not in my household anyway.

That weekend we all went on a shopping trip. The boys are actually good shoppers. Darren can shop almost as well as I can.

Borders is usually a definite stopover on any shopping trip, so I went looking. I wasn't leaving without it if it was there.

Of course it was going to be there, it was my birthday!

"Happy Birthday, Mum" - scored. Thanks Darren!


V & A Pattern - Owen Jones
{Architect 1809-74}
Victoria & Albert Museum - UK
Michael Lech
The Essential Guide to Decorating
Vinny Lee

I had a bit of a Bookfest actually. Some of my other purchases, another Taschen publication - Contemporary Graphic Design, a Paint recipes and finishes encyclopedia, an embroidery book (probably not what I expected, but it has some good projects I'm going to try, and some are designs from India Flint), and a couple of paper craft project books. Some of them were under $10.

Excuse me while I read for a bit.


  1. I have the gigantic New York Interiors book coming from mum and dad for my birthday this week - yay!

  2. Hey Kylie..thought your birthday was coming up. Let me know what it's like and the publisher/author of the book so I can have a look for it on Booktopia.

  3. I must admit I had a good sneak peek before it was wrapped - it's the giant Taschen book, so just do a search for Taschen New York Interiors and you'll find it (just make sure it's the BIG one - there are also mini- and medium-sized NY interiors books by Taschen).


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