10 July 2010

Admit it...I have a Fabric Stash.

Do you have a fabric stash? Do you see something and imagine what you could make it in to?? But....it takes a while before you get around to it!!!

Then you MUST have a fabric stash! I have...and I admit it! Put your hand up if you are in the same boat.

I love my fabric stash. I have Amy Butler fabrics, offcuts from Ikea, patchwork fabric pieces from Spotlight, 2 beautiful pieces I bought in a shop at Shibuya in Japan, an old denim skirt that I want to make into a bag with maybe a bit of the patchwork fabric in applique.

I could go on, but I want to hear about or see a photo of your fabric stash.

Here is some of mine. These are good size offcuts of Amy Butler fabrics I bought from the merchandise stand at a talk Amy gave at The Wentworth in Sydney about a year ago. She is such a lovely person and I have an autographed copy of her 'Midwest Modern' book from that night. Amy was nice enough to have a chat with everyone for a couple of minutes while she was signing her books.

Thanks to Oikology for the info on how to make my own button.


  1. ooh I have a massive fabric stash and I'm only a learner sewer :) Must admit its not half as neat as yours..

  2. Don't worry Lulu frou frou! I'm a learner sewer too and my philosophy is that us learners need choice (and extra fabric too make up for all that unpicking!) :)


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