21 January 2011

My Creative Space is back...

I didn't realise it was back until yesterday when I read Posie Patchwork's post. Haven't done anything this week that's very creative, but have just picked up some more wallpaper and fabric offcuts from Signature Prints for some projects to be featured next month.
Hopefully I'll have had time to finish setting up my 'Made It' shop by then.

The pieces are fairly neutral, but they need to be for the projects I have planned.

The newest piece I've created was for our Flood Appeal Auctions, as shown below.
Don't forget to get behind the great work all these wonderful blogs have been doing to help raise money for QLD.
Auctions close on Monday 24th January, 2011 at 9PM. So if you waiting to see how high the bids go, this is the cut-off time.
Happy bidding, and thank you all for the interest you are showing in my auction items.
You'll find more Kootoyoo creative spaces here every Thursday.

1 comment:

  1. wow lucky you finding signature offcuts. i'm a big florence broadhurst fan. i love the pieces you did for the auction, they're so simple and affective.


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