08 January 2011

11 for '11

A little more focus this year...
I've so many ideas floating around in my head, I just don't know where to start...so maybe a list is in order!

Here it is. My 11 for '11, and in line with a baker's dozen (you know buy 12 get 13), I'm actually thinking 12 is a better number. One a month, in no particular order.
Read more 'How to' blogs about blogging
Learn how to produce letterpress and typography goodies - see point 3!
More practical application of Illustrator and Photoshop. 
(This means maybe using the tutorials more often Terese!!)
Learn how to take better pictures with 
my point and shoot digital camera
Decide on some stock prints for my fabrics, 
get the screens sorted and print, print, print
Investigate Graphic Design courses 
(to start next year)
Source a printer for my product tags
Source a label supplier
Visit more handmade and designers markets
Spend some of my spare weekends scouring second hand stores 
for treasures for my craft ideas 
(when I'm not traveling for work, that is)
Start to learn French in readiness for my trip in 2013
Sew myself some casual clothes from 
the fabric stash I have accumulated
    And hopefully at the end of 2011 I'll have.....


    1. Sounds like a great plan Terese! And i just love that last shot, made me giggle out loud :)

    2. Oh great ideas!! I can help you with some contacts & the amazing Handmade Market & for when you need a handmade hit 6 days a week, our AMAZING Shop Handmade. Happy 2011 Terese, love Posie

    3. You have a Stylish Blogger Award on my Blog if you would like to accept it please stop by! xx

      Me 'N my Monkeys - http://www.janedavid99.com/2011/01/i-guess-i-got-style.html

    4. Wow! I thought I was reading my own wishlist for 2011 just now. Except for the Graphic Design course and I did just buy another Adobe Illustrator textbook that has been really helpful...the rest are on my list! Good luck with yours!

    5. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment at Ada and Darcy! Love that picture you posted for success- fabulous!

      Kellie x

      Ps. Those gorgeous chinese brushes are from our boutique {www.adaanddarcy.com.au} - they are available as of this afternoon.


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