25 January 2011

Auction Results

Congratulations to the final bidders for my 3 auction items:

Item #1 - Framed Photographic Print - Kylie from My Flying Ducks 
Item #2 - 'Sew On' Prints - Kirsten Smith from 'Turn your face to the Sun'
Item #3 - Framed Paper Flower art - Amanda Jane

A big thank you to all who supported my little bit. You helped me raise $140.

Congratulations to everyone involved and more importantly a huge THANK YOU to Toni and Carli for their efforts in organising this wonderful opportunity.
All the best to everyone in QLD who has been affected, to the people who have volunteered to help clean up and also to those who assisted with all the other wonderful efforts to take much needed food to those same volunteers.
Remember there is still a lot of fundraising opportunities and so many other ventures to make sure those QLDers affected can and will get back on their feet.
Let's not forget the families now going through a flood crisis in Victoria.
One of the best stories I heard coming out of the flood crisis, was the people of Kinglake organising donations and a convoy of cars, to take them to the people of QLD.
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