14 September 2010

Admit it...I have a fabric stash

I put this out there a little while ago and at the time I didn't have too many followers nor did I follow a lot of blogs myself.

Since I've been reading so many more wonderful blogs relating to craft, sewing, handmades and fabrics, I thought I'd pop on over to the blogs I've been reading and let you know I'm here.

Have to admit, I am a bit of a stash lover. It's getting bigger by the day since I've reignited my passion for all things handmade.

My latest is coming from Quilt Home, as I was after some more Amy Butler designs.

So, let's see what happens this time.

If you are out there and you have a stash, I'd love to hear from you.

Here's the code for my button, and don't forget to link you post back to here. Or you can get it from my side bar.

Thanks everyone. Hope to hear from you.

1 comment:

  1. Hi T, i'll try to do this on the weekend, all my cool fabric stash images are on my hard drive & not updated since the burglary, so hang in there with me. Love Posie


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