08 September 2010

New work area ideas

Finding something like these, second hand, is proving quite difficult, but this is what I'm after for my work area face lift. A local business has suggested they could replace shutters or timber panels with glass for me.

I need to find the cupboard first before I can get a quote for the glass. My biggest hope is to find one with glass already in it.

However....I don't mind the look of these, so if I can find something similar......!? I would probably be happy enough to leave it as is. This one below is more in line with the French feel, but only shelving. I'm liking the colour though and have a couple of things in this colour from Kikki K for the room anyway. This might dictate the colour base for the face lift.

If the plan for the french style look in the work area doesn't fit in with the rest of the house, I might not go down that road. Still so much to decide and plan.

The look I'm thinking of isn't an 'all out' french style, just a bit of french 'flavour'.

How great is this printer's cabinet?

Very organised work area below. Not really me. I like to be tidy, but I also would like some flair.

I love the colours in this next room. Favourite, the fabric on the chair, and the colour!!! The window sill in my work room is quite low off the floor, so I'm unable to set up a desk at the window. Need to work around it somehow. If the Ikea draws on castors fit under the height of the window sill, it'll go there.

I think below is more along the lines of the 'french flavour' I'm after. I might use this as a starting point and see where it ends up.

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