06 September 2010

I've been travelling

I needed a break, so a few months ago I applied for 4 weeks annual leave. For the first week I went travelling.

Destination - Queensland - Home!!

The joys of my life, my 2 sons, live and work in Brisbane and Mt Isa.

Here is a few photos of Mt Isa and the area. Mt Isa is a mining town. Darren works for Caterpillar as a Diesel Fitter on the big mining equipment.

Mt Isa at sunset - with the mine in the background.
{2 photos}

Asphalt road built during WWII as a transport corridor between Mt Isa and Darwin, Northern Territory. It has been preserved and a remembrance memorial to the diggers who built it, is nearby.

Gregory River - great camping area, except when the river floods.
Darren and his mates got caught one Easter with rising waters!!

The beautiful Lawn Hill National Park. About 3 1/2 hours from Mt Isa, almost to the Northern Territory border. Dirt roads the majority of the way.
Mary Kathleen, abandoned Uranium mine and community.

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