07 September 2010

Need a work area update


It has been ages since I started to set up a work area at the family holiday house. A great airy, sunny room, but a bit small. So I need to make the most of the area I have and be very canny about what I will have in here. Also, I don't REALLY have any storage. I have been looking for an old wardrobe or cupboard, perhaps with glass panels in the doors, to stash all my materials.

When (and if) I can find one, it'll be painted white, then rubbed back a bit. Give it a bit of a distressed look. I'll match it with some white storage ideas from Ikea.

At the moment I am using one of the dining room chairs for my desk, and my book case and floor are a bit messy. Excuse, lack of storage.

The green yoga mat needs a place to live also. See my new light box. Finally, handyman made it for me. Mind you, it only took 2 phone calls to get it done. One to a local business to order the perspex, cut to size. The other call to handyman 'requesting' he pick it up on the way home from work. Why...did I wait so long!! when it was sooo easy!

It was a case of, 'Well now there's no excuse. You said you've been waiting for the perspex. Of you go!!'

Bookcase. Messy, messy, messy. My Paris photo frames are still waiting to be put on the wall, but I still haven't chosen a colour or wallpaper for the wall/s. Thinking about maybe doing wallpaper to daddo height, then paint for the rest? Not sure.

I really want to have a French feel to this room, but I'm still so undecided about so many things.

The desk is brand new and a great size to sit the laptop - perfect - and (free) Dell printer - which I hate. My Epson at home does everything!! This one is only to get me by when I'm at the house, if I need to print something.
Haven't even got a mouse pad. I really need one. I'm using my visual diary at the moment!!

Heading off to Ikea tomorrow night to avoid the weekend crowds. I'm after another desk type set up, with some draws or shelving. The length will be important because I'd like to set up one of my sewing machines (and leave it there). I'll also need it long enough to set up my light box, so it's not on the floor anymore.

These are what I'm looking at.
I have one of these at home, I love it because it fits A2 size art paper, foamcore etc. And it has shallow and deep draws. The castors will make it easy to move around on the timber floor.

This draw unit, but the one with about 5 draws. I'll probably pick different legs for the desk below. It's on special at the moment of $99 (AUD).

And a chair, definitely need a new office chair.


  1. Hi Terese,
    I'm setting up our new office at the moment too. Aren't the Alex drawers great, I've been thinking of getting one of the shorter set of drawers myself. I really like the table you are using as your desk at the moment but I can understand how you would want more space. For our two new desks we bought Ikea trestles and internal doors from the hardware store for the desk tops - we were after a budget option and it worked a treat.

  2. Thanks Julie, I really like my desk too. I had my eye on it for a while. It's from Freedom.
    I took that little trip to Ikea and got some Alex Draws, the small ones, a cupboard and the table top. So I now have a 2 metre long desk and storage arrangement. I'll probably do a post with pics when it's all set up...Terese


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