14 September 2010

Project: Bag - 'Grassdragon' print

'Grassdragon' print

Finally had some time to really concentrate on doing some screen printing. I did a course back in July and while I've had everything I needed to get started, time has not been my friend.

Even while I've been on holidays, I had so many other things on my list of 'to do' things, I was getting worried I wouldn't get there.

Anyway, here's the first of my designs. A few more to come over the next little while. A full day is planned for tomorrow.

The final design is, well the one I printed, 'Grassdragon'.

I'm just going to refine it a little bit. It's prints a bit too fine. I'd like to get some more ink on the fabric. Playing with that tonight.

I called it Grassdragon as it's a combination of a flowering grass and a dragonfly. I love dragonflies, but didn't want the 'usual' look.

Screen ready to go.

Close up of 'Grassdragon' ready to go on the exposed screen.

Screen set up on my new little gadget handyman made for me, to my specs. Caused a few heated discussions, but we got there. Works a treat!

Little tote bag printed and embellished. I printed it with a colour I mixed myself, (have kept the 'recipe' though). I really liked the colour, so will probably use it again.

Bit of a close up. I trimmed the top of the bag with a fabric from my stash. It's one from Spotlight. Then I found a check I'd bought years ago to embellish a singlet for my neice, so I made a fabric rosette out of that. Just finished it off with the middle of the rosette from the same fabric as the trim.

Close up of the trim and rosette.

More creative people here.


  1. Looks fantastic, great work, love Posie

  2. We have been talking about doing some screen printing ....great design! It would be great to see it repeat printed over a bigger area...


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