16 September 2010

Muck Designs

{Image: indesignlive.com}
Let me introduce to you a friend of mine, Anthony Manuatu from Muck Designs.

This is him pictured with his winning design for the iscd 'Art on the Floor' competition for Designer Rugs. The competition is the major assignment for the end of one of the courses we completed together.

Anthony has a series of images that all have a philosophy behind them. He's been selling them from some of the markets here in Sydney, and with the warmer weather coming up, he'll be back on the market circuit.

Here's some of designs

Series of images together - each design has a story.

Loyalty series

Roses series

Four Gentlemen series
{Images from Muck Designs.com.au}

Something similar I found on Making it Lovely. It's by an American artist, Ryan Kapp.
Five of us from our old classes got together at The Rocks Markets here in Sydney, on Father's Day. It's was good to see them all again as it had been a while.

They all gave me some great feedback on my designs. More designs will be revealed soon.

Check out Anthony's website and his philosophy. It's all about core values and principles.
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