02 May 2010

Maeve Magazine Launch 1st May 12 noon

Maeve Magazine launched yesterday at midday with a fantastic self portrait of Elle Moss on the cover.

The magazine will be featuring a new self portrait on the cover each quarter. You can submit yours for consideration to submission@maevemagazine.com

Some cool stuff in there but haven't had a chance to read it all. Looking forward to some me time to trawl through the stories.

From the Maeve blog.....
Who is MAEVE ?

MAEVE Magazine is a quarterly online publication aimed at the conscious consumer. MAEVE targets 30- 40 something’s… women… grown ups… parents… people who want more from their media. MAEVE is an observatory on human kind, incorporating a plethora of ideas and inspiration to bring life to your life and your family.

Read on at.... 'About Maeve' Maeve Magazine
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