03 May 2010

Megan Morton - Home Love

An opportunity to see and listen to the fabulously talented and lovely Megan Morton - stylist extraordinare - at one of Coco Republic's Lifestyle Seminar Series was an event I couldn't pass up.

Megan is so passionate about what she does and is happy to part with some styling jems. My little design notebook is filling up fast and has the latest addition of Megan's list of 7 blogs and 7 places to find that perfect piece.

Waiting, waiting, waiting....for my copy of Home Love to arrrive on my doorstep from Booktopia. Luckily for me, also, their warehouse is in the area I work. So I suppose I could've gone and collected my coveted possession. Unfortunately, I just haven't had time. So door to door delivery it had to be.

I know it's been out for a while now...no excuse for ordering it earlier.

I, like, Megan, love Booktopia. In general I love books !!! Their packaging is great, so you can be assured of your book/s arriving with minimal or no damage to them.
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