25 April 2010

Designex 2010

Designex 2010 was held in Sydney this week.

I had the opportunity to visit yesterday and attend a workshop/seminar for Student Designers. Professionals took time out of their busy schedules to take us on a tour of the exhibits then impart their knowledge about their businesses and the industry.

All the speakers scheduled for the workshop were great to listen to.

My picks from the Exhibits

(Keep in mind not all of these businesses sell directly to the public, their websites should tell you who their stockists are, others deal directly with designers/specifiers.)


Because I'm still trying to work out which direction I want to go in, it was a treat to hear Skye Molyneux from bleux speak about design for interiors. bleux produces designs on different mediums - canvas, glass, fabric, wallpaper and have a collaboration with Designer Rugs. Skye was previously a partner in Blue and Brown, a company I have followed for quite a while. Their designs are my kind of stuff.

bleux - Familia colour Rosa

Ferm Living

Ferm Living's exhibit also had some 'nice to haves'. Why couldn't all these fantastic products have been around when my boys were growing up ?? Although......if they were, I wouldn't have had much money left.

Don't know about Ferm Living, haven't heard of them....have a look.

Ferm Living - 'Leaf in Colours' wallpaper

Kif & Katast
Wow, some great stuff here too. Could be I've found a way to do that garden screen I've been thinking about.

Hmmm... which way to go, Kif & Katast OR Axolotl. These products are amaaaazing!!! I love what both companies are doing.

One of my fellow students used an Axolotl product for an assignment last year. It's metal finish on timber/mdf. It looks like metal and is in a way. They are a specialist metal finishing company. So if you want that front door or screen that looks like it's rusting, but not...see these guys. Fantastic finishes !!!!
Axolotyl Designex 2008 exhibit

Julie Paterson is Cloth. She has just launched a wallpaper range in collaboration with Porters Paints. She works with Hemp, Linen and Organic Cotton.

Cloth Fabric products


Eurowalls - Importer and retailer of European designer wallcoverings manfactured in Germany. Surely we all know how pedantic Germans are with their products, Mercedes Benz for example...hint hint.

Eurowalls - Mural 'Iris'

Designa Print & Living Studio

Designer Wallpapers, Vinyl Wall Art and Glass Etching. Noosa based family business. Designa Print has an online store for home decorators.

Designaprint StickerArt


Super sensational tiles!!!! Mosaics you have to see to believe. The Sicis exhibit was absolute luxe.

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