08 March 2011

Nordic Imagery - A passport to another landscape

Perhaps I was from one of the Nordic countries in another life!
But really, I think I love the images in the new Ikea book because I truly enjoy beautiful imagery, especially when it is depicted so well in a book such as this.
SY - Love for Textiles is the latest addition to my every growing collection of printed works about textiles. This would have to rank as #2 in my collection now. The first being 'Russian Textiles', and relegated to 3rd position is my Art Deco textiles publication.
The composition is dynamic in some instances and moving in others. A photographers perspective of staging a shoot brings new light to the scene, for example on pages 170 and 171 a beautiful room has been created on a rocky shoreline.
To quote the cover text:
This is not a book to read.
It's a book to touch. To
browse in. To be inspired by.
Enthused by. Because textiles
aren't about sharp scissors
and awkward sewing
machines. They're about
creative desire. So stop
reading, open up and step
inside our textile world.
Step into this world now with me while I bring you some of the imagery.

Simply stunning!

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  1. Hi Terese I've just started following after seeing your mood board for BYW. This book looks divine. I'm off to Booko now to see where it's the cheapest! J x


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