21 March 2011

My 'Made It' store up and running...& Don't forget my Giveaway!

How about that, I finally took the plunge and thought, what the heck...If I'm not ready now to do this, I never will be!!

My 'Made It' store has some STOCK!! Check it out over here!

I have to say I'm quite excited about it. I've been sitting back doing the Blogging Your Way course and reading all of the regular blogs, and some new ones. But it wasn't until I was reading one blog in particular that made me realise, 'Why am I holding back?? Why not get a few things up there and see how they go??'

It's that old indecision thing I was talking about a little while ago over here on one of my Saturday Thoughts.

Anyway, I'm going to talk in particular about this inspiring blog in a new post very soon.

Here is a little taste of my new eye chart design. I'm in Melbourne for my 'real job' this week, but as soon as I get back to good old Sydney town, I'll be making it into a screen print.

{Available in A3 & A4 in both Blue and Pink}

Now don't forget my giveaway of the beautiful IKEA Textiles book, as it's coming to an end on Saturday 26th March (NSW Election Day). You have until midnight on Saturday to get your entries in as I'll be drawing it on Sunday morning. Don't forget to leave me your email address so I can let you know when you've won!

{Image: Terese Grove}
{Image: IKEA}

You can become a follower, or comment that you are already are - that's one entry. If you want a couple more entries in the draw, you could tweet about it or comment on your Facebook page, then come back and leave a comment about that too. So all up you could have 3 entries.
Not too many entries at the moment, so you have time still to enter. Good luck to everyone who enters.
Oh and by the way, sorry I didn't have my Saturday Thought up this week, I was traveling home to Sydney and to be honest forgot to schedule one. It'll be back next week.

Bye for now...T


  1. Well, good for you, Terese! Gee, BYW is churning over our grey matter, isn't it? Now I must get to bed! J x

  2. Hi Terese. Glad you found me so I could find you. Just been having a lovely meander through your blog. I love all your projects. There's so many! I've just started sewing, and have my last 'beginners' lesson tomorrow.
    I'm your latest follower. Sonia :)


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