08 March 2011

I am woman...International Women's Day

Do you know the history of International Women's Day?
I have to be honest and say it was probably about 7 or 8 years ago that I found out the true significance of this day. I worked with a young woman of Russian origin who explained how important this day is to her country women.
I've since worked with 3 Polish girls, absolutely beautiful young women, inside and out, who also felt the importance of the day in their heritage. 
IWD goes back way before the start of WW1. Interestingly I've been reading a novel centred around this war, including a piece about the Suffragettes.
Take a look here to read more about what IWD is all about.
Although today, March 8, we celebrate the emergence of women's rights, such as voting, we should always remember that everyone, not just women, deserve the right to fairness, honesty, integrity, and justice in everything. I don't believe today is only about feminism. I believe it's about how we can contribute to our societies to make it better for future generations.
I have always been in awe of the work Audrey Hepburn did with UNICEF.
Who is your role model?
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