08 March 2011

Blogging Your Way eCourse - Mood Board exercise

I've long been thinking I need a bit of a face lift for my blog, so the exercise we had to do as part of the Blogging Your Way eCourse helped me to think about what look I really wanted.
My blog is the start of a fledgling business, with a plan to continue through word of mouth (the blog) to promote some of the things I do. It's a 5 year plan and I'm already nearly 2 years into it. With some study now behind me I can concentrate on the physical part of the plan - the business profile.
Hmmm....this is another part of my blog I need to think about - just as I mentioned in my Saturday Thought this week. It's not that I'm completely indecisive, it's just that I like sooo much!
My days are full of creative thoughts, even when I'm at work in my 'real' job as a Facilitator where I get to draw and use coloured markers to create words and images to have the participants focus their thoughts on the subject we are covering.
When I'm not at work, like now while I am on annual leave for 2 weeks, my mind never stops because I know I need to get as much done as I possibly can before I go back to work.
At least I have 2 weeks to absorb what we are learning in the course and start to put some structure around where this is going. I also have to (most definitely have to) finish setting up my 'Made It' store front, and stock it with a few things.
Some of my fabrics have been printed, see them over here at my 'jane on jane st' blog, and I have showcased one of them as a bunting/garland embellishment on my mood board. I hope you like it!


  1. Hi Jane, I love your little bunting!
    You sound a little busy :) I am loving the e course too.
    Hope you get all your project done soon, better go back to homework :O)
    Sandrine x

  2. I love your mood board Terese, and how cool to be able to use your very own fabric on it. I'm loving the byw course too, and it has certainly made me question a few things about my blog, and has me thinking about all sorts of things!

  3. You've done a great job, Terese. It's so vibrant and packed full of energy. Bravo! J x


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