27 March 2011

And the winner is....

Remember this giveaway:

When I found this book at Ikea, and saw some of it featured in Real Living, I knew I had to have one. And because it is such a stunning book, one of you should have one too.

Who should be the one to win but:

I know she will be thrilled as Jane lives in lovely Hobart town and doesn't have an Ikea nearby. Unless she crosses the ditch to Melbourne!!


The Giveaway was to celebrate a belated anniversay of the 12 months since I started my blogging journey. I held off on the actual January date because of all the natural disasters happening in Australia at the time. We all threw our combined resourses behind many successful fund raising appeals and I just didn't feel right bringing attention to such a small thing as my blog-iversary considering what my fellow Aussies were going through.

Jane's blog is one I'd visit every now and then, but we 'found' each other through an Online course run by Holly Becker from 'decor8'. 

Please head over and visit Jane if you haven't already.

Jane - all I can say to you now is 'enjoy'! (Also could you email me your postal address and I will have your book to you as soon as Australia Post can deliver it.)

Bye for now...T

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Terese! You darling. Although I emailed you, I just realised I hadn't thanked you here. I'm so delighted to have won your generous giveaway, you compassionate woman, taking pity on me in IKEA-less Hobart! I can't wait for it to arrive ☺. J x


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