04 July 2011

A thought for you...

"It's so difficult to find time besides the tennis."
Steffi Graff
Salvador Dali
...and the cycling. Tennis is nearly over and the Tour de France started last night.

I've been finding it hard to have the time to do all the projects I want to do and now the cycling is on!!! What am I to do?

I haven't been very good lately with managing time at home, but I did find time recently to do some things for me, including having high tea at The Wentworth Sydney last Saturday afternoon...yum!!!

Because I've been traveling for work over a few weekends lately, AND running out of time in general, I've changed my Saturday Thoughts to Weekend Thoughts...

The challenge is out there now to manage that time a bit better, with the latest Creative Collective project, 'Time to Finish July'. Got a few things still sitting in the cupboard, July is the month to get them finished. Check out what the girls are up to over here.

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