25 July 2011

A little colour in her life...

A friend of mine (and co-worker) got married this May, back in Queensland. I haven't seen her for years, but we keep in touch through work email. So it was a lovely surprise for me to receive an email asking to help her and her new husband with a project of theirs.

They are building a new house! I so envy them, in some respects. Definitely not for the headaches of building, but for the opportunity to have a blank canvas.

Some colours for the palette had already been chosen with the help of a Dulux consultant, and she was asking me if I had anyway of 'projecting' them into a visual for hubby. You see, he was having a bit of trouble 'seeing' what it would look like, and they needed to make a decision on the roof colour.

I was so happy to help as it meant I could dig out all my colour samples and rendering materials from when I studied Colour Styling. These have been put aside for a little while until my banking career starts to wind down or I take a career break, maybe!

Below is what we came up with from the chosen palette. The home is in an area with surrounding bush of green/blue grey hues, depending on the time of day and weather. So what they had selected should fit in to their bushland setting. AND hubby has always wanted a blue house!

The palettes look very very similar with a few subtle differences, but the body of the house is the same colour - Loveday from Dulux.

Version 1 above: House - Loveday, Roof – Shale Grey, Guttering and Fascia – Deep Ocean, Gables and Batons – Dark Door, Eaves,  Balustrade and Railings – Half Lexicon, Doors and Window Frames – Cedar (not represented here)

Version 2 above: House - Loveday, Roof – Dune, Guttering and Fascia – Ironstone, Gables and Balustrade – Ironstone, Railings and Veranda Posts - Dune, Eaves – Half Lexicon, Doors and Window Frames – Cedar (tried to represent the front door in Cedar here for them)

Dulux and Colorbond colours have been used.

I'm now just waiting to hear what they chose.
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