31 July 2011

Creative Collective July Project in My Creative Space

Just made it in time...the last day of the July Project is here!

This months objective was to finish something you'd started and put aside. Perfect timing, as I had a little project that had been sitting on my study floor for a few months that I really needed to do something about.

I started it without realizing what I was going to do with it! That happens sometimes, doesn't it.

The project started from this...
A set of bookend drawers, that seemed a decent size at the start, but then...when I put them together, I wasn't sure what I could use them for, as they were quite small!

A little brainstorming...result...they have become my ribbon drawers.

I took some craft paper (scrap booking paper is best as it is a heavier GSM), my PVA glue, trusty craft knife, metal ruler, cutting mat...and I ended up with this.
A little embellishment on the side...
There was about a half a dozen or so pieces of ribbon I bought by the metre, and they were a bit messy just rolled up. Took up a lot of space in the drawers too.

I had some thick cardboard in my stash...it always amazes me what I have lying around.

Voila!...ribbon cards similar to embroidery thread cards. They worked a treat!

All the draws are full now. Hmmm...don't know what I'm going to do when I buy more ribbons.

To see another set of draws similar to this, check out the IKEA drawers on my DIY page HERE. The link will take you straight to the tutorial.

This post is also part of 'Our Creative Spaces' over at Kootoyoo every Thursday. (I'm usually late because I'm never really in my creative space on a Thursday)


  1. Oh bravo, Terese! What prettiness and ingenuity rolled into one. You are such a clever cookie. Is that gorgeous handwriting on the side scrapbooking paper? I'm intrigued. J x

  2. This looks awesome! You should submit it to Kaisercraft's blog.


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