13 December 2011

I'm so proud!...

...of both of my sons!

You all should have heard me gushing about the birth of my beautiful grandson, Archie Michael, to my youngest son Darren and his lovely partner, Natalie. If not, you can read about the event here.

Well I thought I'd also gush about how proud I am of my eldest son Brendon and the photography work he does. And that he recently received recognition with a promotion! We are all so happy for him being promoted to Production Manager where he works.

Brendon and his girlfriend Sarah visited Darren, Natalie and Archie a few weeks after the birth and, of course, took some photos.

Birth announcement cards had been discussed and investigated, with Darren and Nat deciding on a company to go with. Brendon was talking to them about it and offered to do the cards for them.

Here is the result...

Isn't it beautiful! You can all see why I'm so proud, can't you?! Little Archie captured so perfectly!

If you are in the Brisbane area and looking for a photographer (shameless promotion here!), please check out Brendon's website and blog here. He'd be only to happy to come and meet with you to discuss your event and give you a quote.


  1. He's just beautiful! I love how he's called Archie! xx

  2. Haha! Thanks for the promotion mum. We are proud of you too!! See ya soon.


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