04 November 2011

He's arrived!...

A typical Grove boy! Late to arrive!

Like his father and uncle, my grandson, Archie Michael Grove finally arrived at 4.10pm Wednesday 26th October, 2011...about 13 days late. Depending on which date you believe.

All you Mum's out there probably know what I mean...there's the date from when you think you conceived and then there's the scan date. If we go by the scan, he was only 8 days late.

Still long enough for his Mum to send out the 'lease expiry' notice. Time to get out baby!

Well enough of that, I suppose you want to see photos...well here's a whole gallery for you all.

I'm biased because I'm his grandmother, but isn't he gorgeous!

Sorry, I completely forgot the statistics...7lb 12 oz or 3.5 kgs, and 51.5 cms long!!


  1. Oh Terese. He's such a treasure. Welcome little Archie! Enjoy these precious early days of getting to know each other, my friend. J x

  2. So glad he finally has a name! Archie! So cute!


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