05 November 2011

The fun begins...

...with Christmas just around the corner!

Now that my grandson has arrived...(you can read about the event here), I'd better get started on Christmas presents for him so I can take them with me when I visit Mackay in a couple of weeks. That will be my time to spend a week with Mum, Dad (my son) and baby...all...by...myself!

I probably should think about presents for his Mum and Dad too!

I've got 3 of these little guys, all are the same, triplets...and will do a 3D artwork like the one I did for Sophia earlier in the year here.

After the workroom had a major cleanup this morning, I set to making Archie's Christmas stocking. I finished making the pattern and cutting it out last night, with the intention of starting on it first thing after breakfast this morning....didn't happen.

My last visit to the holiday house, which is where I do the bulk of my projects, was 6 WEEKS AGO. I've been doing things in Sydney, went away for work to Orange, and had my trip to Mackay for Archie's birth.

Sooo.....my workroom and materials needed a bit of re-organization, to say the least! More to the point, I NEED MORE ROOM! But I suppose the more room you have, the more stuff you accumulate (i.e. materials and equipment...definitely not 'junk').

Christmas Stocking finished...tick, a couple of tote bags unfinished, but hopefully finished by the end of tonight, another little dress and cap for Amelia for Christmas...on the agenda...maybe for next weekend when I come back to the house. I have a week in Port Macquarie before I head off to Mackay, so will spend two weekends in a row (this week and next week...very rare), then head off to Port from here. It's only an hour and a bit to drive there.

Here's Archie's Christmas Stocking hanging on the workroom door handle.

I'd like to refine the pattern a little...it's probably a bit too long and should be slightly wider I feel. It was a tad difficult to make sure the lining was sitting right, making it wider will probably help with that.

A huge disclaimer on the embroidery sampler also...I am definitely NOT the needle work type o'gal!

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