15 December 2011

Lights, Camera, Action...

Brendon has been writing a short film for a little while now. Refining the scenes, the dialogue, the direction.

It's all coming together.

He recently took advantage of some time off, and drove to the house at Pacific Palms to do some test shots and to determine lighting requirements. His friend Tass came with him, so it was also a bit of a break for him, and a chance for Tass to see Forster, Seal Rocks and a few other sights in the area. It was lovely to finally meet him. Brendon and Tass have been friends for years but I've never actually met him. I fell like I've known him for all that time anyway.

The two of them are off on a trek in Nepal sometime in the next year or so, and have been 'training' for more than 12 months now. They can only do so much in the fitness area, it's a bit difficult to train for the altitude though.

Brendon felt the test shots went well and even though we had organized extra lighting for him, it wasn't needed.

The plan now is to put the shots together in a B&W trailer, just to see how it all looks. If it's a success, I suppose I'll have to try and organize hair and makeup trailers for when the 'artists' arrive for the shooting schedule. Oh and the catering truck, Director's chair (no, have one of those), costume department....

Anyone know if Ashton Kutcher has to get rid of his trailer in the settlement?? From what I've heard, the size of it could cater for everything we'd need!

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