06 February 2011

It's all coming along ...slowly!!

Well here I am, back again after a bit of a spell from regular blogging. I've been slowly working my way through some fabric designs I've been playing with for the last 12 months.
Some are new, some are newish (just tidied up a bit), others are ones I've now transferred into Illustrator from my design course a couple of years ago.
21 of my designs are now up on SPOONFLOWER.
It's a great website and tool to see how your design will look in repeat, but also a way to have samples and lengths printed using the digital printing process. BUT it's in America.
One of my old customers, (way back in the day when I was a Business Banking Manager) has a digital printing set up, here in Sydney and I am going to reconnect with him to see what their terms are.
Spoonflower will allow prints as small as a test swatch - about 20.5cm square or a fat quarter, and then if you are happy with the repeat (or placement) and the colour/s you can order longer lengths. The measurements are in inches and yards, being in America, but it's not hard to convert back to centimeters.
My old customer, at the time he was my customer, was printing a good deal of the fabrics for designers entering Australian Fashion Week. I would much rather use his business or any other Australian business to do my printing, at a reasonable cost of course.
Can anyone refer me to someone in AUS who does this process?
I'm still going to screenprint small batches of one and two colour prints for small print runs, but the multiple colour prints I'm going to give the digital process a go.
Spoonflower uses eco products and printing processes and I've had a look at their 'youtube' clips. Some of the background music is a bit corny, but heck, I'm not buying music from them, am I!!!
In this next 'youtube' clip you'll see a quick glimpse of How about Orange's fabrics at around the 8 second mark, then 1:53 and 2:17. Keep an eye out for them, the one on the left and the centre one in the picture below...Oh and you might want to turn the music down/off. You might not...but I did.


  1. Just popped over to Spoonflower for a look - your swatches are beautiful Terese! Sorry I am no help with a contact for you - good luck. Please update us when you know what you are going to do. Michelle

  2. Hi Terese,
    Your blog is looking great and so are your designs! Thanks for popping my giveaway up and so glad you love your butlers table. Letitia x

  3. HI Terese, Longina Phillips in Sydney digital prints onto fabrics. However, I think you may find a big difference in prices between doing it locally compared to the US. Let me know. See you at LIS, we're not that hard to find. Just follow the numbers - Stand 78.


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