15 February 2011

Hugs & Kisses

I'm a bit late for Valentine's Day, not that I made this to celebrate the day of love, it's for a birthday present for someone who has a special place in my heart.
To all of you who were made to feel so special, or made that special person feel loved, a very happy, although belated, Valentine's Day.
It's not that I've never celebrated Valentine's Day, it's just never really been a big thing. Although when it did happen, it was a surprise and all the more meaningful. It's difficult when you have two differing views in the one household.

I was thinking of the connection with Valentine's Day when I made this, and decided it would be a gift for my beautiful niece who is turning 20 this year. I can hardly believe we are one year away from celebrating her 21st.
It seems like yesterday she was a littlie, with my boys looking out for her and pushing her around in a pram. In recent years, I copied an Alex Perry dress for her formal, then I took a trip to Brisbane to surprise her for her 18th birthday.
She's actually not my niece, but she calls me Aunty Terese. Her Mum and I are cousins and very close, so we see a lot of each other whenever we can. She is something to be proud of.
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