28 February 2011

Creative Collective - Random Acts of Kindness

I had the added advantage this time round of having my photographer son with me when I was placing my ROAK cards for the February project with The Creative Collective. I was in Brisbane all last week for work, so over the weekend we went out into their area to place some cards in a few random spots.
The area Brendon lives in was affected by the floods, but not as bad as some areas, however there was still a lot of community spirit where they are. I'd like to thank the lady across the road from where he lives, as she offered everyone cups of tea and lots of support. So one of my cards goes to her, although I have mailed it to her. I don't know her name, but I've put a little note with it to thank her.
Here it is:
I've left the cards in some other fairly obvious and open places, so here they are:
You'll find this one 'where children play at the bend in the river'.
Around the same area - 'designed to a T hopes you have a great game'.
This is around the bend and up the river a bit, enjoy your ride.

To those of you who find these cards, I hope they lift your spirits, because no matter who you are or what you do, 'You stand out in a crowd'!
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