07 February 2010

Dulux Colour Awards 2010

Last year, 2009, I completed the Diploma of Visual Arts in Colour Design at iscd (International School of Colour and Design).

For all my efforts I was an industry award winner for Creative Colour Application
, sponsored by Dulux.

This award was a huge surprise for me, as it was judged on one of the very first storyboards I completed that year. A renovation, with only photos to go by and a written brief from our lovely Educator, Cherie Karlsson.

'Waverton'. My first challenge as a Colour Designer.

Thank you to iscd for the flexibility to study while still working full time and most importantly to Cherie Karlsson for all her support, encouragement and great class exercises to get the mind working in Colour instead of Banking.

iscd has been instrumental in providing students with an avenue to enter the Dulux Colour Awards. The entries were sent last week !!!

A later assignment, which included all Dulux products, was a brief for the exterior of a residence at Rose Bay. I completed a new storyboard to meet the Dulux entry standards and just received notification that my entry is in Melbourne.

For a newbie to the industry, it's going to be tough to compete against soooo many talented students. If last year's entrants are something to go by, WOW!

Gotta give it a go for the experience.
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