31 January 2010

Wallpaper Art

A little insight into what's to come.

Here's one of the Florence Broadhurst wallpapers ('Egrets' on silver mylar stock) done on a frame - 600mm x 900mm - ready to go on the family room wall. I've done 2 of them and they'll go side by side on the wall alcove.

The wall is currently being painted in Moss from Porters Paints. When the painting is finished and the Egrets are hung I'll go through how to make it.

I have 2 others completed for my bedroom in Florence Broadhurst's 'The Cranes'. These are a smaller size, the Egrets are quite large, but suit where I'm going to put them.

Forgive my photography for the moment, I'm waiting on a visit from my son, the photographer, to do some decent pictures for me, but wanted to get something up on the blog.

I've gone through all the quick and easy projects I've done over the last twelve months and will start to feature them for you. The ottoman is a bigger job, so it'll be about a month before that's up. I'm still waiting on the legs to come from Victoria anyway.

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